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Snort or smoke op

Thread smoking new 80mg OP oxycontin |.

OP microwave method: educational DO NOT.
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  • Can you snort xanax - Topix

  • Snort or smoke op

    How to snort new op oxycontin? - Detox. Can you snort xanax - Topix

    you smoke/inhale/sniff cocaine ??.

    First off, I hear snort more than anything and "do" is acceptable with regard to cocaine. Yes, inhalation is a form of ingesting. With regard to fumes from aerosols
    Can You Smoke Oxycontin Op 80 - The.
    Can you smoke a pill? - Yahoo! Answers
    just curious No the new Oxycontin OP have been specially designed to help prevent such abuse of the medication Even if you try to crush chew or dissolve them they
    Snort Test How to snort new op oxycontin? - Detox.
    Can you snort xanax - Topix
    This video is for education purposes only. Do not attempt! This is a video on how to do the OP microwave method using a conventional oven wich works a lot

    Can You Smoke Oxycontin Op 80 - The.

    Snort or smoke op

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    shooting new oxy op - Topix

    id be lying if i said you couldnt physically snort xanax(ive def witnessed it myself) but the chemical in it, alprazolam, is not water soluble, so id say if you had
    How To Snort New Op Oxycodone Question: How to snort new op oxycontin? Anyone who says the microwave method dosent is WRONG. I have seen it done I know it works.
    22.02.2008 · Best Answer: Can you? Yes. Should you? No. You can light anything on fire and stick it in a pipe to inhale it, but there's more than a drug in a pill

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    Forgive me if this topic exists, I am using this forum through a phone so it is not easy to navigate. I was wondering if anyone has had success smoking the new OP